Tacopeño ( Taco de Chile Jalapeño )

tacopenoGive a tasty twist to your barbecue party this summer with a Mexican bite.
Serves 6 ( 2 Tacos per person)
• 12 corn Taco size tortillas
• 120 gr refried beans 
• 12 large size Chiles Jalapeños
• 120 gr Chihuahua Cheese
• 120 gr Flor de Calabaza
• 120 ml of Salsa Worcestershire 
• Sea Salt
• 90 ml Crema (crème Fraiche)
• 60 grs of crumbled Queso Ranchero
• 12 coriander leaf 
• 3 limes in half
Stuff the chillies with Chihuahua cheese and Flor de Calabaza
Simmer the stuffed Chile Jalapeño on the Salsa Worcestershire and marinate 
Grill the chillies until the cheese is melted and the chilli gets the grill marks and the 
Chihuahua cheese begins to melt.
Place the tortillas on the griddle to warm up flipping sides.
Spread the refried beans on top of each the tortilla.
After heating up both, place the grilled Chile Jalapeño on top the tortillas. 
Sprinkle 1 pinch each of Sea Salt. Garnish with a Zig Zag of Crème Fraiche , Queso Ranchero crumbled, coriander and a squeeze of lime.
This recipe brought to you by chef Marco Cuervo at Lupita

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