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Cooking Sauces

Buy Mexican Cooking Salsas at MexGrocer Europe, online store for Mexican groceries.

These authentic Mexican cooking salsas are easy to use and great tasting to help you prepare Mexican food at home. Suitable whether you are making Mexican food in the oven or on the grill. From savoury Mole verde to Guajillo Pepper Sauce to Enchilada Sauce, creating delicious Mexican food dishes is easy with these sauces. Now you can turn everyday ingredients into exciting, flavourful Mexican meals in no time, with several distinctly different, pre-made cooking sauces.

These sauces have a long shelf life and are best stored in a cool, dark cupboard. Simply open and pour over veggies and your choice of proteins such as chicken, beef, pork or shrimp. Mexican food made super easy with the MexGrocer Europe range of cooking sauces imported directly from Mexico. Shop now.