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We offer Mexican Snacks, Vegan and Vegetarian Options

Mexgrocer EU sells authentic Mexican food online, offering European delivery

Founded in 2006, our Mexican food products are chosen with care to be truly authentic. Specialising in Mexican groceries & Mexican chillies and delivering unique products that no-one else has. Here at our online Mexican grocery store, we offer the highest quality, traditional and authentic Mexican foods to buy online throughout Europe.  

The idea for our grocery store came from the need to feel close to home along with an absence of Mexican products throughout Europe. Since then we have made it our mission to supply traditional Mexican food to the masses by making it available to buy online. Our unique products include Mexican snacks, Beverages, Specialities and Gourmet Foods, many of which are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


Mexican Groceries Online in Europe, Vegan and Gluten Free Ingredients Available 


At Mexgrocer EU, you can find a wide range of authentic Mexican groceries and ingredients ideal for traditional Mexican cooking. Most of our foods are imported directly from Mexico and are free from animal products making the various ingredients that we offer vegan friendly. We also have a great range of gluten free products. We have been in the industry for over 14 years and deliver our unique Mexican products to the European market.

With our online Mexican food store, you can find anything from tortillas to chillies, jalapeno and chipotle ingredients. Our fantastic online recipes will help you make tasty Mexican meals from your kitchen in the Europe. Create an authentic Mexican cooking experience with our wide range of ingredients, suitable for vegetarians, vegans and come in gluten-free options. At Mexgrocer EU, we also sell the ingredients to make fantastic meals with nopales - cactus leaves and frijoles – Mexican beans.



Mexgrocer sells authentic Mexican food online, offering world wide delivery. 

Founded in 2006 our food products are chosen with care to be truly authentic. Specialising in Mexican groceries & Mexican chillies and delivering unique products that no-one else has.

Some of our favourite Mexican groceries include:

Mexican Snacks: We are proud to offer a large selection of authentic and tasty Mexican treats that can be enjoyed any time throughout the day. Among our selection of snacks, we are proud to offer Don Ignacio’s original recipe cheddar cheese sauce with jalapenos, Crujisanas gluten-free crisps and a wide selection of seeds and sauces. 

Mexican Specialities: Many of our specialities are so popular we have decided to make them available for wholesale. This selection includes exotic dried chillies such as our Dried Pasilla Chillies, Dried Mulato Chillies and Dried Guajillo Chillies.

Gourmet Mexican Foods: Cactus and Crushed Avocado Leaves, Pepe Comala Pastes and Salsas and Gluten-Free Corn Tortillas are amongst the hard-to-find products that we have on offer for those with sophisticated pallets.  

Vegan and Vegetarian Products: At Mexgrocer EU, we strive to offer healthy and natural foods which can contribute to a well-balanced diet for all those throughout Europe. We aim to accommodate for the choices of vegans and vegetarians by offering the opportunity to buy traditional Mexican foods which do not contain any animal produce. 

Order our unique Mexican food and ingredients online today and get free delivery Europe wide!