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Cafe Cielo De Oro

Café Cielo de Oro is an international coffee producer and importer, dedicated to delivering high-quality coffee. We believe that exceptional coffee is the result of tradition, respect for the land, community effort, and expert roasting.

Our commitment to our farmers is at the core of our brand. We share a significant portion of our profits with them, ensuring better livelihoods for their families. We also invest in local community initiatives and environmental conservation, creating a circular economy where each purchase contributes to a healthier planet and happier families. Our coffee is a tribute to our farmers and their cherished lands. Lovingly roasted at our state-of-the-art facility in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, we balance traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology. The result is a perfect blend – smooth, rich, and full-bodied, ideal for those seeking perfection in a cup of coffee with minimal acidity.